Completed pics – LEGO room

It looks horribly packed like a storeroom now unfortunately… 😦  Feel so bad for my IDs, they must be so upset that we have moved in and destroyed the beauty of the place. 😦

Was gorgeous when we 1st got it. Love the sliding panel doors which moves really well/smoothly, well aligned, etc.  According to my contractor, the carpenters who did the doors are really experienced and skilled – 江湖老将 as he calls them.

He mentioned that not many carpenters in Singapore are able to do such a good job.  Such a contrast to the horrid sliding doors installed by Pang Giap in my balcony. Do not use Pang Giap! I can’t even close one of my balcony doors properly now and the other one is so difficult to close too.  Grrrrr… so upset I don’t even want touch those doors.

Ok, back to the nice stuff, the parquet flooring which we retained due to budget n time constraints turned out really well too.  Matt finishing – even my property agent who saw the original unit with us thought the floor was new cos she remembered it as looking really really awful (bright orangey colourish).

A bit of patchiness which we’ve asked our contractor to look at – he said it might be cos the wood was like that in the 1st place cos he did not re-stain it, just grinded and I think clear coated.

More pics after the jump…

See other completed areas:

See the before & after pics:


10 thoughts on “Completed pics – LEGO room

  1. Hi amodularlife, the room looks great and I like how the white track lights provide an unconventional look to the room. May I know where you bought them and how much do they cost? Is the room bright enough with just the two rows of track lights? Thanks!

    • @alphalyne:
      The lights are from Lightcraft – think about $90++ ea x 6 & tracks are separates. In total $600++.
      Nope, not bright enough… those are LED track lights cos I hate the halogen ones that heat up… you’ll need another light source or many more track lights if you want to get the same. We plan to get some lamps (perhaps Ikea) when we use the room.

  2. Hi!

    Are those 3 blade fans from kdk? I didn’t know kdk makes white version for that fan?
    May I know how much you got it for and where? Thx! 🙂

    • @Fir: It’s available at any electronics shop in Singapore. As for the price, I can’t remember – just google for the latest KDK baby fan price in Renotalk. Heard there is only silver in Malaysia btw.

  3. Hi there, I was just web surfing and I stumbled upon your page. I still have that copy of that magazine of your place with the Lego sets. We should get in contact about your hobby. We have a local Lego enthusiast group…. Or maybe you already know about it…do drop me a email. My Lego Room 3 is in the making now….

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