Sense of contemplation and purification

I know I shouldn’t find the description funny, but honestly reading this line cracks me up… “The clarity between form, shades and shadow thus intensify the sense of contemplation and purification within the spatial experience.”  😀  Hmm, I guess I should feel purer (?) now that I’m staying in the apartment? 😛

The line is taken from my IDs’ website of course:

You can read more about the design concept and see nicer pics from the website. Just look out for the pic with the red elephant. 🙂

More after the jump…

See other completed areas:

See the before & after pics:


11 thoughts on “Sense of contemplation and purification

  1. @karriengai. No window grills. They spoil the view. We stay in Queenstown, but the floorplan is fairly common. You can find such ‘Gen 2’ EMs all over Singapore. I don’t know which parts in particular tho. We were fairly focused on location and not floor plan when we got our place.

  2. Hey. Is the ceiling fan from KDK? Which model is this? Like that it blends so well with the ceiling. I’d love to get a Haiku but the price just keeps rocketing!
    A ceiling fan is vital in SG and really helps cool the room down but they all look so large and clunky. Do you know of any other petite fans but still with good wind?

  3. Hi, may i know what flooring you used? I’m thinking of white flooring but dont know what material is suitable. are yours laminates?

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