Completed pics – Balcony

It’s the defacto hang-out place when we have gatherings cos it’s windy (either true breeze or artificial one thanks to the long hanging black fan).  Now that we have a fan, wonder why so few EM owners install one?  It really helps to make the balcony a nice place to hang out in.

The balcony itself is quite simply renovated/furnished – outdoor tiles (expensive Italian ones that costs the most in the entire apartment according to my contractor), Khind/Relite fan (black and sourced by my ID, hurray), and Emu table and chairs.  We move in additional stools and chairs when we have gatherings.  The Lumier3 Multi-function cube is a great hit with kids who love the changing lights (now available here).

More pics of the balcony after the jump…

Day pics credited to Atelier M+A

See other completed areas:

See the before & after pics:


11 thoughts on “Completed pics – Balcony

  1. Your balcony is lovely, seems to me like the sky views are far superior to those of HUDC EM’s. I like how you’ve installed a ceiling fan as well. I personally think the design of HUDC EM’s staircase landing in the gap between the dining and living area wastes space although the EM’s in TC are between 1650 and 1720sq ft. The HDB EM’s that tuck the staircase against the wall creates more open space. In Tampines Court (ex-HUDC, privatised in 2003), our balconies seem to be the only EM’s built by HDB that have iron-railings rather than concrete parapets. Not sure if there’re HDBs that have this feature. Personally, the workmanship for HUDC EM’s were quite bad and it was a well-known fact the contractor cheated HDB. Within one or two years after we bought it in 1988, there were a lot of leakages between units due to manufacturing defects that HDB refused to accept financial responsibility. It wasn’t a surprise that they’d eventually wash their hands through privatisation. Now that it’s privatised and nearly 30 yrs old, a 3rd en-bloc attempt could succeed. HDB EM’s will be a rarity.

    • @John: I have not seen any EM’s with iron railings, but I have seen 5 room point block flats with such railings. I had no idea about the shoddy construction quality of HUDCs! But you are lucky to have gotten HUDC’s IMO. They are worth quite a bit now with privatization. Envy the larger space too. 🙂

  2. Hi, may I ask where you bought the relite fan? Is it good? I like their designs but some friends warned that I should find more common brands as usually easier to get after sales service. Thanks.

    • @Joyce: Fan from Khind. Google and you’ll find the contact. No problems so far. I always thought most fans last nearly forever, or longer than the next renovation anyway. Just visit one of those super old school kopitiams.

      • Hi,
        Am planning to install a fan at my balcony as what u have done. Its gorgeous. Mind sharing how much u paid for instllation and contact no(if can). I have tried few shops but they charge sky high prices just for installing because of the height. What is the length of the pole of the fan ?

        Thank u and hoping to hear from u soon.


      • Hi Kalai, this was installed by my contractor. Fairly dangerous given the height and open balcony. Think was $150 to $200? Not sure but bear in mind that my installation is part of overall package. 2.5m.

  3. Hi amodularlife,

    I have the same balcony layout as yours. Can you share with me what brand of fan did you bought that can withstand outdoor rain and shine? And your length of the pole is 2.5m?


  4. Hi,
    I have just gotten my massionette too and i am wondering if you do have your rubbish chute at the balcony area just like mine? If its the same, are you able to share how you conceal it? Thanks in advance

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