Completed pics – Kitchen

You would have caught a glimpse of my kitchen in the earlier post. Here are more, thanks to hard work of my IDs in clearing the everyday mess to snap some pics.  😛

The massive hood we got doesn’t look that bad now that we got it (or maybe I was mentally psyched for worst).  Major plus point? It hangs high so we don’t bump our heads against it even tho we are taller than usual.

The inner flame hob is a definite love now that we know how windy our place can be…

We love the breakfast counter that conveniently doubles up as the place to put food for parties.  The white solid surface and it’s attraction to dirt kinda disturbs me tho…but I’ve put a plastic sheet over the counter so I don’t obsessively-compulsively wipe it everytime I see a speck of dirt or go into panic mode when a potentially stainable object is left on the counter.

More pics after the jump…

All pics credited to Atelier M+A

See other completed areas:

See the before & after pics:

4 thoughts on “Completed pics – Kitchen

  1. Hi! Your kitchen is beautiful. May I know if the backsplash at the sink area is a mirrored finish, whereas the stove area is stainless steel?

    Also is maintaining your hood easy? Wiping down, emptying the oil catch tray, etc.? Does it light your cooking sufficiently and keep your cabinets oil free? I was bent on getting hoods with baffle filters because I had read they’re easier to maintain than mesh and do not clog as easily as mesh, until the Hoe Kee salesman introduced me to their FJS-900 which uses a rectifier panel. So now I’m confused! I won’t be having any upper cabinets so was looking for a hood that’s not only functional but big on design.

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