Completed pics – Utility area

It isn’t a demarcated area per se, but it’s off the side of the kitchen where the washer, dryer, utility cabinet and guest toilet is (which mitigates my ickiness that the loo is in the kitchen – poop and food just don’t go IMO).

So far guests who have visited think it’s a really good idea that the stuff are all boxed up and hidden in the cabinets.  Helps to muffle the sound of the washer/dryer when we are watching TV too, which is great.

Our contractor had to make some repairs/additions to the cabinets when we encountered a really strong wind one day which blew the toilet and washer door open… magnets were added to the washer cabinet to hold them closed.  As for the utility cabinet, more holes had to be punched to shift the shelf upwards to accommodate the ironing board we got (yep, we like Brabantia, 10 year warranty and all).

Still not sure if we wanna put anything on the wall where the toilet door is hidden. Think we are quite happy with the way it looks now, but we (I) could get bored later.

More pictures after the jump…

1st 2 pics credited to Atelier M+A

See other completed areas:

See the before & after pics:


6 thoughts on “Completed pics – Utility area

  1. Hi there,

    Can I ask your feedback on the ironing board shown? I also saw that but wasn’t sure if it was really stable or if the area to place the iron is safe. Have you used it and if so, how is it?

    • Huh? It’s a normal ironing board? Feels stable… It’s more solid than some of the smaller ones we saw. As for place to put the iron… we don’t have kids, so it’s good for both of us. And my helper places it outside to cool down before we put it back in the cupboard.

  2. Hi May I know where is the outlet for your hot air from the dryer? Mind sharing the contractor or ID that you engaged for the renovation? Thanks

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