My lovable windows

Not sure if I’d mentioned before, but I really love my living room windows.  Altho we do not have one of those to-die-for sea or city views, I’ve wanted one of those Bestview-type windows ever since I saw one in a Home & Decor featured apartment (I think) years ago.

Am so glad we got the windows cos it really helps to give the apartment that ‘open’ feel… again, the pics can’t quite give the ‘feel’ that you get in person, but this is the best I can do with my point & shoot camera.

Of course, we don’t have kids or a fear of heights.  Guess most people can’t install such windows for safety or security reasons.

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Hmm… still hating the metal pole that destroys the sky view.  Should I secretly plot to get my contractor drunk so he will agree to sawing it away?  LOL.  😛

See other completed areas:

See the before & after pics:

15 thoughts on “My lovable windows

  1. Is that metal pole meant for when you need to install glass panels or grills? If so, then should not be a problem to remove it. Or has the contractor advised that it is against HDB rules since you need to get him drunk to do it? hehe.

  2. how about growing some vine plant (i.e. money plant, ivy) on the bar? I think it will be less of an eyesore and certain add some greenery to your already wonderful view. Or some hanging pots of plants…I would get a couple of pitcher plants…heehee….just a thought….

    • I’m not a very green fingered person… plus I’ll be worried the pots may drop down and hit someone. I’ll just have to get used to the eyesore I guess. 😦 Thanks for the suggestions tho!

  3. Am just looking at the metal pole now and wondering (again) if painting it white will make it less of an eyesore? Sigh, obviously it’s gonna take a while for me to get used to the ugly pole. 😦

    • Unless you have gotten used to the bar, you now have Xmas and the New Year as an excuse to paint it white!! 😛

      I love an open view but have to grill our balcony to prepare for an incoming pet. I’m thinking folding grills or shutters that we can collapse and stack against one wall so we can still enjoy the view when we are at home. Not sure if you have come across any provider of these that you feel reliable?


      • @jx: Sorry don’t know any contractor that does such grills. I didn’t do any research on grills, so am quite clueless. The only folding grills I have seen before is those old style provision shop type. 😛

  4. I am considering to dismantle my balcony windows grills n glass panels also, I wonder how do u resolve the problem when there is heavy rain, yr living and balcony will get wet rite?

    • @Linus: my living room has windows and the folding sliding door from the balcony, so it stays dry all closed up. My balcony gets a bit wet. Think about 1/3 of the balcony floor. So far we have not experienced heavy rain from the balcony direction tho.

      Anyway my balcony is pretty bare, and the balcony table n chairs are meant for outdoors, so all good so far. Even the tiles are rough type that are not slippery when wet. We intended for the balcony to be relatively weather proof.

  5. Hi Hi, Just curious… did you guys got the windows from Best View? Or some other supplier? as I’ve got a quote from best view and the price is some what on the HIGH side… Hope to hear from you soon!

  6. Hello there – just stumbled upon your blog and want to let you know I love your terrace and open windows ideas. I’ve been researching on getting a mansionette recently and have a question regarding open terrace as shown in your pic – what are your experiences when it rains? Is it still manageable when it comes to cleaning it every couple of weeks especially during the rainy monsoon season? I noticed that some mansionette owners choose to seal the whole open area up with windows while some leave it semi-open.

    One more question – did you lower the walls of your terrace and living room ? Or perhaps it’s the illusion that those awesome windows create feeling like you’ve lower the walls for even more open space ?

    Hope to hear from you soon ! Thanks ! 🙂

    • @meemoo: I got a roller shutter cos the rain can be very heavy. Winds can be very strong since the front of the balcony is relatively unblocked. So typically up when the weather is good and down when the weather is bad.

      Not sure what you mean by cleaning… My part time maid washes the balcony once a week.

      Nope external walls cannot be changed/hacked. Pls check the hdb guidelines.

  7. Hi there,

    love your blog and thanks for all the inspirations in getting an EM!

    I am currently renovating my EM and am cracking my head over how to prevent the rain from coming in. Can I find out from you the shop that installed your roller shutters? I need to talk to them, definitely an option I’m looking at.

    Thanks a lot!

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