When does a house become a home?

Wondering when our new apartment will feel like home?

I suppose one way to look at it will be when I stop having to think about where to put things, where things are kept, have fully unpacked and no longer have contractors coming in and out.  Of course you can also run the gamut of answers like homes being full of love/loved ones and memories… I’m also guessing some people settle in faster than others and also that not everyone bothers indulging in such questions when there is no obvious answer. (-_-“)

Just having one of those moments, cos of a pretty lethal combination of pre-Monday blues and my SO being away. 😦

On the bright side, we got through a lot of things this weekend… boxes have been collected back by the movers (which means that yes, most of the LEGO are out of the cartons tho arranging them is a headache), found our tableware, and finally cooked a first meal using the hob (instant noodles, haha).  Even cut down the plastic sheet for the breakfast counter to size, which is a major improvement on usability of the drawers I have to admit. =P

Your thoughts? Let me know!

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