Supporting local brands

Yep, why not if they offer great quality and design (at attractive prices)?  These are my 5 favourite local brands (for tablewares & furnitures) in no particular order:

1. Domicil

HTL acquired Domicil in 2005, and in Singapore they have a Domicil showroom at:

Address: 11 Gul Circle, Singapore 629567

Tel: 6863 0555


Apart from brand new sofas, they also have display sets that can be great bargains.  Decent leather quality and designs.  XZQT also carry some exclusive Domicil models.  Domicil also have some solid wood dining room sets and shelves (nice but pricey!) that they just started in collaboration with Nathan Yong the last time I was there.


2. Koda

They produce loads of dining room sets.  Their showroom is a great place to pick up display sets at really good prices.  If you are lucky, you can come across nice wooden tables (with matching chairs) that probably cost 50% of the retail price for a similar table elsewhere.  Some small cabinets, side tables and outdoor sets too.  Showroom is at:

Address: 28 Defu Lane 4 Singapore 539424

Hours: 10 am to 6pm



Koda has expanded into the furniture retail scene with their 1st showroom (Commune) at Millennia  Walk.  Nice and affordable furniture.  Too bad they only expanded after my reno.  Oh well. 

Commune store: #02-51 Millenia Walk, Raffles Boulevard, Tel: 6338 3823.

See more local brands that I like after the jump…

3. Grafunkt

Helmed by Nathan Yong, Grafunkt has a small but nice collection of furniture. I prefer the larger store at Playfair road over the small outlet at Park Mall:

Address: Grafunkt Flagship Store

85 Playfair Road, #02-01 Tong Yuan Industrial Building, Singapore 368000

T 6281 8465
Opening Hours: Daily 12noon – 6pm



4. Air Division

Nice but pricey… then again solid walnut furniture doesn’t come cheap. As usual, I prefer the larger store at Wilkie Road over the small outlet at Park Mall:

Address: Flagship store @ 28 Wilkie Road, #01-01 Sophia Flats, Singapore 228051

Tel: +65 6336 0662



5. Landex

If you want to get good china tableware, look no further than Landex.  It is the maker of Luzerne New Bone china with a customer list that reads like fine hotels of the world (READ HERE).  Interested? You can buy the china from the Landex store at 30% to 50% off the retail price.

Address: 70 Bendemeer Road, Luzerne #01-03 Singapore 339940.

Tel: +65 6288 7700



I bought stuff for my place from 3 of the stores.  So patriotic right?

More shopping lists: 

Credits: Pictures taken off Google search results 😛

2 thoughts on “Supporting local brands

  1. –AIR–

    Thank you for mentioning us in your blog. Solid walnut and Oak furniture is not cheap as it is an imported wood. Furniture made from such species of wood are usually very durable and hardy. With proper care, furniture made out of these species can last for a very long time. Adding on our award winning designs, coupled with fine craftsmanship and design, makes it a very sound investment.

    You will be happy to know that our new solid wood designs from the Plank Living 2011/12 Collection is available now in our retail stores, including the FDA 2011 grand award winner Wind Screen/Shelf.

    Do visit our retail website http://www.weloveair and our Facebook page and get updated with the latest happenings from AIR.

    By the good people from AIR. =)

    • You are an unexpected visitor. 🙂

      Was just in the Wilkie showroom over the long weekend and got a new addition for my study. More on that when I get the delivery…

      Thanks for dropping by!

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