One month into move-in…

Nearly… it’ll be 4 weeks to the day tomorrow so close enough.

So one month into move-in, and:

  • I’ve mostly gotten used to the switches, which means less fumbling when I need to switch on the lights/fans that I use most often.  Haven’t been using some very often tho, in the sense that I just slap on the whole row of switches when I enter an area (like dining and kitchen), so still need some ‘practice’ on those.
  • But the sense that it’s a ‘new’ place is still there, especially when I can’t find things or can’t figure out where to place my stuff.
  • Haven’t decided on my favourite sofa spot yet. I like the spot near the window for the ‘open’ view but the one sorta hidden behind the stairs from prying eyes offers better privacy.  (SO didn’t know I was deciding but now he does, ha!)
  • Stopped noticing ‘defects’ when I walk around the house – or nearly so.  Still training myself to not ‘see’ the ones that really really irk me, like the trunking near the shoe rack (so putting an ornament there as decoy doesn’t help that much) or that freaking ugly metal bar in the balcony. Oh, and I gotta check on the defect lists (from IDs and I) today after our weekend helper has done the cleaning.
  • Still have not fully unpacked… which is normal as I am assured by Renotalk friends (and who seem to have much less things than me).  Still… I will work on more unpacking today. A bit… baby steps… 😛
  • Nearly have a fully equipped kitchen.  Still missing?  Cooking utensils, wok (I think I want a shiny WMF one) and microwave.  Plus a whole plenthora of stuff if I wanna start baking… ok, does sound like a whole lot more stuff to get… oops.
  • Haven’t gotten to know the neighbours. I know, very bad… it’s on my to-do list… I’ve even gotten the cards and vouchers… mabbe later…

And I still think that my place looks good.  I know, not shy at all this owner… 😀

Anyway, I’ve realised that posts without pics of some kind look awful on the iPad view, so thought to share my new tableware… doesn’t look like much considering how much we paid… 80% of the stuff we got are in the pics.  Missing a few bigger ones that couldn’t fit into the drawers, the odds and ends like vinegar and sauce servers, small stuff like the sauce dishes and chopsticks holders.  Maybe I should do a photoshoot later of all these items before we use them… since I did spend 2 hours picking them out at the store… Catalogue viewable here if you are curious.


Your thoughts? Let me know!

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