Some other local blogs to read

I really enjoyed Plystudio’s blog, so I set about looking for more interior design/architecture type blogs from Singapore and soon realised that it’s not as easy as I’d hope.  Think would have been easier if I’d removed the ‘Singapore’ criteria but hey I like reading stuff I can relate to (or visit locally, if it’s easily accessible).

[Just wanted to note here that Singapore has no shortage of food blogs which leads me to the only logical conclusion that (i) Singaporeans love their food and (ii) Foodies have time to blog – I’m assuming the architect-types are too busy working to do so?!]

So drawing heavily from this rather old but still good list of ‘top ten blogs you won’t imagine being from singapore‘ and good ol’ fashioned googling


1. Culturepush (read blog)

‘Culturepush tracks cool stuff in art, culture and design in Singapore’… which makes for fairly random reading but all with a touch of Singapore in them.  Does open your eyes to the fact that Singapore really isn’t as sterile as you think…


2. The artist and his model (read blog)

I heart the artist and his model. It really takes incredible discipline and time to blog daily. Lots of pics which mostly translates to eye candy galore. Yums.

More blogs to read after the jump…

3. Things we forget (read blog)

Whatever happens to all the post-its left around the island?  Luckily, digital copies remain and you can even order their posters… which I’m seriously considering to get for their high ‘feel good’ factor.


4. Toysrevil (read blog)

This toys blog is included cos I’m so impressed by Andy Heng’s labour of love – no joke maintaining an award-winning blog and cos I’ve a hobby blog of my own too… a sense of camaraderie perhaps?


5. Homerejuvenation (read blog)

In my search for a Plystudio equivalent, this is probably the closest I came to finding one. Not quite the same… but some good tips and interesting transformations, especially those apartments that are meant for sale by the owner.


6. Organisation of Illustrators Council (read blog)

I really really wanted to feature the OIC Singapore website which is why I’ve decided to leave a placeholder here for when the website is up again…  strongly suspect I’ll be trawling the site for illustrators that I like…

Update: Webby up and I’m trawling…


Have I mentioned that I am on the lookout for some art that

  1. ‘speaks to me’,
  2. is not disturbing to look [sometimes (1) and (2) goes together which worries me a little],
  3. is an original work and not some copycat rip-off, and
  4. doesn’t cost an arm and a leg?

No? Well, now you know…

I’ve left out any fashion blogs that are potently poisonous to the wallet as I’m still determined to steer clear of any wallet draining reading till I recover from the reno $ damage…

Lastly, for foreign (or local) readers who would like to explore Singapore’s sunny shores, do read Design Sponge’s Singapore City Guide by Emily Loke.


Your thoughts? Let me know!

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