Unit/house number plates

I really think there is a market for nicer number signs in Singapore… or perhaps most people just customise/fabricate if they do major renos anyway since the DIY really isn’t that popular in Singapore (unlike say UK or USA where people can build houses themselves – I know, mind-boggling right?).

So the unit number display has been outstanding for some time, which isn’t one of those critical  things, but then the old number just looks out of place given how much my unit exterior has changed.

My lady ID finally gave us their (long awaited!) sketch of their proposal for our unit number a few days back which sparked a flurry of midnight emails and WhatsApp chats across continents… UPDATE: Here’s my unit number sign

I won’t reveal the sketch here in fear of the dreaded ‘copy’ effect (hey it happens… I got a request for my contractor contact a while ago to get my TV console which I refused of course) but it did trigger one of my obsessive ‘search-till-I-find-something’ spells for house numbers in the market.

Here are the ones I like, all from overseas sites of course.  Not all ship directly to Singapore, but I think there is always a way to ship stuff in if you really want them. Try one of the shipping forwarders like Borderlinx, Vpost or Comgateway (pls don’t ask me which ones or how – there are enough helpful souls out there who have provided detailed explanations – do a Google search!).


1. Matterinc Solar LED Numbers (buy here)

They make perfect sense when you consider that Singapore is sunny nearly all year round.  The black finish shown is making me reconsider my decision not to have the number in black – I think I’m just not into black paint finish that probably comes with blemishes and bumps… maybe if it’s a smooth unblemished black?  USD 17.99 each.  Aluminium finish


2. Neutra Numbers (from Design Within Reach or Accurate Image)

The ones imposed on black background caught my eye. 4″ height & aluminium finish from DWR; multiple height, material and colour finishings from Accurate Image.

More house numbers after the jump…

3. Blomus House Number (from Buy.com – but found in numerous online stores)

I like the fact that they are ‘clean’ looking (some house numbers have awful studs on the surface, yucks), plus I have a soft spot for Blomus products despite not owning a single item from them (thanks to lotsa online browsing and no stockers in Singapore).  Also available in alphabets for those who name their homes. USD25 each. Stainless steel finish.


4. House Art (from wayfair.com – but found in numerous online stores)

Interesting font and great variety of finishes and colours makes this a winner for me.  You can even get the alphabets if you have a name for your place.  USD25 to USD30 for 5” height. 8” height also available. Brushed raw stainless finish, or powder coat colors available in Satin Nickel, Dark Bronze, Satin Black, Rust, Key Lime, Miami Mango, Bougainvillea Pink, Bonita Blue, and Marshmallow White


5. House Art 6″ (from Seattleluxe.com)

Similar to the Blomus ones but in a far greater variety of finishes.  USD 38 to USD 43. 6″ height. Finishes include: Brushed Stainless Steel, Dark Bronze, Black, and Terra Rust. Premium finishes include: Key Lime, Miami Mango, Bouganvillea Pink, Marshmallow White, and Bonita Blue.


6. Eichler Numbers (from eichlernumbers.com)

For mid-century lovers, these are Akzidenz Grotesk typeface based on the original signs. Starts at USD60 for 2 numbers. 3-1/4″ height. White on black Corian® tiles.


Ok, admit that I’m feeling lazy. Do pop by Houzz and/or Remodalista for a variety of other house numbers/signs in cubes, brass, ceramic and styles.  Or go ahead and get bewildered by the dazzling array of fonts and finishes that Accurate Image and Abode House Signs offers.  Have fun! 🙂

As for my house number?  Hmm… waiting to see how much it’ll cost… and still see-sawing on the colour/finishing. Hmm…

6 thoughts on “Unit/house number plates

  1. thanks so much for this, as someone who had just renovated my place and spent an hour of fruitless googling (i could only find mbossed.com the rest were more of signage companies) this blog was a wonderful discovery.

    love it! 🙂

    • @Toula: Most of them only ship to the USA if I recall, but you can try writing in to them. If not you can consider to use a forwarding company to have the item shipped to a USA address and then shipped to Australia. I’m from Singapore so am not familiar with online shopping shipment methods for your part of the world. Using third party shipping is pretty common in Singapore.

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