I am in an orange kinda mood

I just started from an orange silicon holder… and escalated to… pretty much orange everything.  No idea why.  Red would have fit the existing stuff better I guess? But anyway they didn’t have red for all the stuff I wanted… and orange is not a colour I have in the house yet so… Anyway, after a really stressful week at work, needed lotsa shopping to de-stress.

Started with the Home & Decor Fair 2011 at Marina Square (Sep 30 to Oct 2, 11 am to 9 pm, last day tomorrow!), where I got my October issue that came with a goodie bag (I really wanted the Magiclean duster!), subscribed to H&D for 2 years @ $120 and got to redeem 3 x $40 Totts vouchers (good deal!) & a L’Occitane Cinnamon Orange home perfume too (so pretty! couldn’t resist – tho the Alessi eggholders were pretty tempting too).

More details after the jump…

Then went to Muji since they are having their Garment & Household sale @ 10% off but held off on getting stuff cos I planned to go to Totts, which I did after a yummy lunch of ramen and then high tea (which consists of a choc truffle cake and coffee)… (yeah, I work so d*** hard all week so at least I can enjoy a ‘taitai’ lifestyle during the weekends).

So after coffee rejuvenation it was off to Totts to make good use of my newly acquired vouchers and then some…

I’ll be honest, I really wanted the cordless Bosch mixer offer (which I have to wait for cos they ran outta stock)… but of course I ended up with a whole lot of other stuff for baking (measuring cups, silicon mat, rolling pin, spatula, silicon holders, cupcake cases), drinking (sake bottles! Now ready for IDs’ promised cold sake…), cooking (silicon AND metal turners, lemon zester, salt & pepper grinders – did you know that ceramic grinders give more even bits than acrylic or metal ones?), non-slip serving tray, bread bin AND (finally!) a laundry hamper.

Yeah, it was a lot of retail therapy… but I had a really brain-draining week at work and a gal needs her rewards:

Your thoughts? Let me know!

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