Doorbells I like

Figured… since I’m at it why stop at house/unit/apartment numbers?  So here’s a round-up of nice doorbells I found online.  As usual, not found in Singapore!  Grrrr… maybe I should set-up a business to sell nice fans, house numbers and doorbells?  And Blomus… and any number of nice things that can’t be found in local stores…


1. KK50 by Phosmade (from

  • Brushed stainless steel doorbell
  • Plate thickness of 2 mm, probe diameter of 19 mm. precision design ensures dust and splash protection. Flush box is included. Maximum voltages of 250V AC and 10A.
  • USD140/EUR96
  • Winner of multiple design awards: – iF Product Design Award; – Red Dot / Roter Punkt – Good Design Award; – (JIDPO/G-Mark) Japan


2. Stainless Steel & Aluminium Doorbells from Serafini (from Serafini)

Minimalist doorbells in various finishes and shapes. Made in Germany and designed by Atelier 522.

  • Doorbells can be installed vertically or horizontally.
  • Brushed stainless steel or alumnium finishes

More doorbells after the jump…

3. Honeywell RCWL330A1000/N P4-Premium Portable Wireless Door Chime (from – and many other online retailers)

Didn’t include a pic of the push button as a variety of buttons are compatible with this system.  Admittedly, this is in the list cos of it’s working range and is super ‘gadgety’.

  • Wireless – Battery operated
  • Works with up to six (6) push buttons, motion detectors or door contacts for added security and convenience
  • Six (6) chime tunes, fully adjustable volume and six (6) visual alert icons
  • Self learning code system automatically adjusts to eliminate interference
  • 450-ft operating range
  • USD45 to $70


4. Bottoms Up doorbell by Droog (from

It looks so scarily fragile, I just had to include it… “The fragile door bell fabricated its ring in between two christal wine glasses, which announces your guest with a musical toast. Because of the different sizes of the two glasses is the generated ring tone in two voices.”.  Imagine having this conversation starter in the house…

  • Designer: Peter van der Jagt
  • Material: Glass, electronic magnet, steel
  • Measurements: H: 24 cm, D: 9 cm, L: 25 cm
  • power source NOT included: 12V, 1Amp, AC converter, Only ceiling mounted
  • 2007 Red Dot Award
  • EUR125


5. True Illuminated Doorbell Button by Spore (from Spore)

There is a non-illuminated version, but the illuminated ones are so much cooler (and admittedly far geekier…).

    • Aluminium, bronze or matt black finishes
    • In amber, blue or white LED
    • A tactile click is felt when pushing the button
    • USD56


Did you know that even peep holes can be ‘award winning’ ones?  But yeah, I won’t go there.  I don’t have a standalone letterbox, so no letterbox features either (tho the Serafini ones look good)… perhaps next time… if I ever move to a landed property (that is, if I become rich AND manage to find a windy landed property).

2 thoughts on “Doorbells I like

  1. Wow very cool doorbells! Just what I was looking for, thanks! 🙂
    But I just wonder for the wireless ones, how good the reception will be, cos realised that even my hp reception gets cut off when I walk towards the rooms (solid pillar there).

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