Before & After: Toilets

Such nice ‘contemplation’ rooms huh?  So nice that it’s spewed at least one ‘clone’ around. (-_-“)

Sigh… I hate copycats.

Anyway toilets always undergo dramatic changes since most owners will pretty much overhaul everything right?

Master Bedroom Toilet

More comparisons for the other toilets after the jump…

2nd Bedroom Toilet


Guest Toilet

See other before & after pics:

See other completed areas:



3 thoughts on “Before & After: Toilets

  1. Hi ger!

    we saw your blog & totally love your house. Thus me & my hubby went to meet up your interior designer that you have engaged. we would like your points of view when wrking with them & the total cost of your house reno?

    im living in a 4 room flat & our budget is 35k to 40k thou. may think iur budget is too low:(

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