Of blogging and shopping

I think blogging is emotionally carthatic… I think it’s cos of the freedom I have in expressing my thoughts and feelings to a company of virtual strangers that I can’t imagine doing in real life to any number of relatives and friends who have known me for years.  Typically emotionally repressed Asian/Singaporean perhaps? Still, it doesn’t quite explain why I blog.

Given that sometimes I create entire posts that I do not eventually release, perhaps it’s just the process of penning my thoughts down that I find carthatic.  The process of crystalising my thoughts and feelings in words that leads to greater self-clarity?  Since going for therapy is decidedly not normal in Singapore unlike in US TV shows, I guess that’ll be my theory for now.

Obviously, I am disturbed by something which is why I went on a long shopping session yesterday which usually cheers me up.  Perhaps regular readers of this blog (and my other LEGO blog) would have noticed the pattern. In the past before I got my apartment, I would probably have gotten yet another LEGO set (considering how much LEGO I have accumulated, it does point to disturbingly unhappy past 3 years which thankfully I can largely attribute to a mix of work stress and a super bitchy ex-boss).

As to my latest headache, for the past 3 days I have been wrestling with whether to let my IDs feature my apartment in a magazine article that will make no mention of our (SO & I) personal input into the design of the apartment.

I was told that the end result (i.e. design) should speak for itself.  I can understand that for buildings and non-personal projects, you do not expect the owners to be credited for the final result.  When you consider commercial projects that could be awarded via a design competition, that totally makes sense.  But for homes?  Considering how personally involved owners usually are in the design process and how personal it is, cos hey you really don’t just invite any person on the street into your home to see your private space, I think it’s just plain ‘rude’ for lack of a better term.

So after much thinking and mulling and retail therapy while I ‘m at it, the answer is still ‘no’.  As much as I feel bad to deny my IDs the chance to be featured in a magazine, I do not want to let my place be featured in an article that makes me angry to read.

Unfortunately, shopping didn’t quite cheer me up tho it did inflict a considerable damage on my wallet.  At least my apartment will be getting something nice out of my angst.

Yep, the Emeco Navy chair.  Designed in 1944 and made in the USA using a 77-step process, this thermal treated aluminium is supposed to be 3 times stronger than steel and to last for at least 150 years (let me think of which kid/grandkid to bequeath this chair to when I go). Originally designed for use in the military and made to be virtually indestructible, you can see this iconic chair in many TV series like House & CSI (tho I suspect my SO doesn’t recognise it… yet).  I think I’m in love with the idea of it being indestructible more than anything else.  Plus the cooling metal totally works in our tropical climate (I wouldn’t want to use this chair in Alaska!).  For now it will go to my sometimes chair gallery aka the study room which is still empty and now used once a week as an ironing room.

I got my Navy chair from Space for those who are interested. Their lovely new Bencoolen showroom is finally open. Love the big spaces, ceilings filled with tonnes of my favourite Moooi Raimond Suspension Lamp of varying sizes and the lovely ‘loft’ on the top floor.  Am looking forward (fingers crossed) to more opening specials when their showroom is officially opened (on 11.11.11).

Your thoughts? Let me know!

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