Before & After: Living & Dining rooms

Finally, the last of the before & after pics, the living and dining rooms.

Dining room

More comparisons after the jump…

Living room

See other before & after pics:

See other completed areas:

40 thoughts on “Before & After: Living & Dining rooms

  1. – To-do list: Too many!
    – Playing in the house: One of the many magical moments had Kings of Convenience playing in the background.
    – Number of LEGO sets opened: Zero (none unopened)
    – Instant noodles eaten: Too many!
    – Pictures/paintings hung: One original painting by Lin Bao Ling placed. Nine prints hanging. Another two will be put up soon while the rest should follow….
    – Plants killed: Three orchids and about five “indoor house plants”.

    • Haha, thanks for dropping by! My random musings are a bit outdated. It should be…

      – To-do list: Bookshelves and ceiling
      – Playing in the house: Park Shin Hye’s Without Words
      – Number of LEGO sets opened and built: 1
      – Instant noodles eaten: Lost count!
      – Pictures/paintings hung: Zero (and still looking)
      – Plants killed: Zero

      After reading ur experience I feel better about my plants altho a few of them really ain’t looking so good… 😛

  2. I really like how the house looks! I am now looking for my dream home with my wife! Your site is now our official “bible” to learn from! Please keep going!

  3. Hi, my layout of my EM is about the same as yours. Is your dining table a 1.6m or a 1.8m? I’m trying to decide between the 2 lengths, but am afraid that 1.8m would be cutting it too tight, leaving little space for walking around in that area.

    Thanks so much!

    • @Fion: You mean the Kartell Stone stools? Try either LifeStorey at Great World City or Space Furniture at Bencoolen Street. Pls don’t be tempted by the fakes. The quality is different. You should be able to get them at around 30% off retail price during sales.

  4. Hi ad, before you appointed your ID, did they give you any design proposal or concept? I see that you mentioned in the forum that they do not give costings or quotation before appointment. How then do you decide and gauge whether to appoint them? Is it solely based on gut feel and whether you click? Thanks, and Merry Christmas! 🙂

    • @Celina: Yep, we met them, gave them our requirements/design preferences. They came back with their simple design concept, we met and discussed with a bit of tweaks and then they used that revised design proposal for quotation. So we got their quotation before signing the contract with them. After signing the contract then they fleshed out the design using software.

      What I’d referred to in the forum was that some weirdos will call and straightaway ask for quotations without meeting up, etc. Who on earth works on that basis right?

  5. You have a beautiful house. Great job on the renovation works.

    You had many many nods of approval when the gf and I browsed the before & after section.

      • Okie thanks. Must wait for sale then. One stupid question though, do u have to consciously avoid the lamp when you stand up from the sofa to avoid hitting your head?

      • @Kylie: Do call or pop by Space to check the current price. The promo may still be on, you never know till you ask.

        The height of the lamp shade can be adjusted, but it’s not easy. Space’s service was quite good. They actually adjusted for me when I complained that the 1st setting was too low. Now I don’t bump into it, but my hubby does. The elephant serves a dual purpose of preventing people from walking into the lamp shade.

        Btw you can get many fakes around, but I’m a believer of “if I can’t afford the real thing, I won’t get a fake” cos 1. I think it’s so embarrassing (I won’t carry a fake handbag why will I use a fake furniture/light??) & 2. Fakes don’t make good heirlooms IMO. Most of my furniture are meant to last for a good number of years and I am sure they will.

      • Hi

        Thanks for the heads up on the sale of the arco lamp! But my hubby doesn’t want a floor lamp as our space in the living area is quite small and narrow..:(

      • @Kylie: I can understand his concern. If the space is narrow, it might be an obstruction. Actually, the designer did mean for the lamp to be a dining lamp so that is one alternative. Read before the designer was surprised when people started using the Arco in living rooms cos it’s really not the most practical option… there’s the head bumping thing for one.

  6. Oh didn’t know it was meant to be used as a dining lamp. Which brings me to the next question haha where did you get your dining lamp. 🙂

  7. I am looking for cushioned footstools to go with this domicil butterfly sofa, so would like to check if you have any ideas where to buy? I only checked out room of woods but it wasn’t quite what I wanted as I wanted stools with oak legs..

  8. Hi
    May I know how much did you pay for your dining table? Is there any other colours for the dining table?
    Many thanks. ^^

  9. Wendy says : July 23, 2013 at 12:18 pm
    May I know how much did you pay for your dining table? Is there any other colours for the dining table?
    Many thanks. ^^

    • Pls go to XZQT and check the Calligaris tables there. Prices depends on bargaining/discounts… Mine was 30% off during GSS I think. Can’t really remember since it was over 2 years ago.

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