I am in the mood for…

Christmas decorating!

Since this is my first Christmas at my new place, I’m quite excited to decorate the apartment.  Haven’t found a tree I like tho…

But I did find a Christmas wreath I like.  Sorta. Think it needs a bit of ribbon but otherwise it’s nice cheery and not too traditional.  Does look better in real life than this pic I found online.

Now to decide where to hang it…

There are actually tonnes of online tutorials that’ll teach you how to DIY your own ball wreath (which is great if you have a particular colour theme).  But a store bought one works for me for now.  Anyway ball ornaments are so expensive in Singapore, I’m not sure DIY-ing will help to save any $.

Found a couple of other great DIY-able wreaths you could try tho. Still plenty of time till Christmas so if you have time why not start on a little project if you feel ‘crafty’?

More inspirations for DIY wreaths after the jump…




(Links to the original DIY-ers in the links above)

Your thoughts? Let me know!

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