Snowflakes on my window

I haven’t shown any pics of my exterior before mainly cos the number plate hasn’t been changed and it still felt kinda incomplete… But since I’m in a bout of Christmas decorating, thought I can share some pics of my ‘snowflake’ decorated windows.

Think it looks better in real life than in pics.  Maybe I should take some shots at night… Wonder what my neighbours think of them? 🙂

More pics of my decorated place and where to get the stickers after the jump…

Got the wall stickers from GMarket Qoo10 btw. Think they are even cheaper now than when I bought them, sigh.  😦  I went with white and silver, but the stickers come in a variety of other colours.

Link to GMarket stickers Link to Qoo10 stickers (updated link as GMarket has changed its name to Qoo10)

Update:  An interior shot that has a clearer view of my ‘snowflaked’ balcony door.  🙂

P.S. Here are my Christmas 2012 windows in case you are interested. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Snowflakes on my window

  1. Your snowflakes are gorgeous. Well done! Are you gonna put up any mistletoe on the door or a Christmas tree as well? 😉

    Your home has a lovely facade!

    • @Celina: just some simple decor inside. Some pics when I hv time to tidy my place. Couldnt find a tree that I like tho. Perhaps boxing day sales? But the snowflakes looks festive n makes me happy. 🙂

  2. hi,

    Came across your site when looking for an EM, you have a wonderful interior and reno for the EM, just cosy. Can u share with me what made u opt for an EM when compared to an EA?
    Actually i like stairs inside house but my hubby do not wish for it. How do you feel having double floor and how comfortable in moving around the house?
    Do you have a dry pantry upstairs??
    Pls advise,

    • @shaktil: Actually I wrote about it in this post:
      In the housing estate that I wanted, there are only standard EM’s and EA’s. Main factor is the number of toilets. I wanted at least 3. Subsequently I heard about EA’s with 3 or more toilets, but anyway there are none that I know about in the estate. There are also no jumbo or adjoined flat for sale in the estate I wanted. Hmm… I just like spacious homes.

      Stairs took a while to get used to, e.g. if you forget something in the bedroom you gotta run up. But it’s great for house parties cos guests mostly stay downstairs so I still get some privacy (don’t really like people wandering in the rooms). Not a place to grow old in I guess… in my 50’s/60’s I wouldn’t want to climb stairs. Right now we are happy in our place tho. 🙂

      Why would we have a dry pantry upstairs? It’s just bedrooms and toilets… Pantry should be near the kitchen?

      • Hi, the grilles for your door and windows are really lovely and well done, a tasteful change from the usual thick aluminium types. How thin are the grilles and how are they opened? Via hinges or rollers? We are looking to install grilles for our new place and your input will be greatly appreciated.

      • @Joshua: Thanks! Grills fully designed by my IDs. Honestly I don’t have much info (like specs, etc) on them. We just kinda ‘ok’ed’ the design and then my contractor worked his magic and got them fabricated.They open via hinges.

  3. Hello, I saw ur window grills, v similar to what I was looking for, recently I saw legate also have this mild steel grills called I-grill, cost around $2300 for my 5 room flat tho. I’m still waiting for 1 more quotation from another contractor with similar grills called slim grills, so far I search around only this 2 Contractors carry this thin grills. Think e cost should be $2k thereabouts too. Is urs only casement grills? Did u do sliding ones?

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