Latest obsession: Marimekko fabrics

So I have been looking for gorgeous AND affordable wall decoration for a while now, but to no avail… I even went to the recent Affordable Art Fair 2011 and came back empty handed.  So short of going for art/painting classes for some DIY and hopefully nice artwork (which really isn’t a bad idea methinks), or bugging SO for my LEGO mosiacs… what shall we do with the loads of empty white walls???  Actually, the apartment doesn’t look bad with bare walls, cos we do have a pretty minimalist design.  But it just feels a tad cold/non-personal to me.

Was browsing an interior design mag when some nice fabric patterns caught my eye… sudden brainwave – I could wall hang the fabrics for relatively affordable decoration right?

And it turns out, I’m not the only one with the bright idea to use Marimekko fabrics for wall decoration.  There are even online stores devoted to selling wall kits.

But Mari-what?  I’m pretty sure you have seen a Marimekko pattern before, even if you weren’t aware it was a Marimekko.  One distinctive Marimekko design is the Unikko, that’s available in a variety of other colours and pattern sizes.

Looks familiar?

Anyway, a few nights of obsessive Googling and Whatsapp chat with SO later, here’s the shortlist of candidates for wall decoration.  Now having a short cooling off period before going ahead… or not.

Pics of shortlisted fabrics after the jump…

Living room:

Kuiskaus; Designer Fujiwo Ishimoto; Repeat: 191 cm. Width: 145 cm

Not sure if this is too monochromatic/severe for the living room, but it’s literally the only design I can visualise above my sofa.  Guess the fact that my sofa looks so ‘masculine’ means I have a tendency to look at either macho-macho patterns or colourful ones which SO dun seem to like…


Dining room:

Lumimarja; Designer Erja Hirvi; Repeat: 98 cm. Width: 145 cm – wide range of colours to choose from…

Kaiku; Designer Maija Louekari; Size: 145 x 250 cm

Dining room has always felt more feminine to me, so tended towards something with a bit more ‘nature’ or soft abstract feel.  Think more likely the Lumimarja for now… and thinking about cutting to frame into 2 or 3 panel pieces.


Bedroom 2:

Keisarinna; Designer Erja Hirvi; Repeat: 102 cm. Width: 145 cm

Nothing else came close. I liked this at first sight… just indecision on the size of the panel.

4 thoughts on “Latest obsession: Marimekko fabrics

  1. hey … I was inspired by this post of yours, and my sister happened to be in Finland for business.. I got her to get a couple of Marimekko’s fabrics and made it into a canvas frame… the effect was fantastic! Thanks so much for all your lovely post!

    • @Joanne: That’s so nice to hear! Any pics that you can share with me and the readers here? You can email me the photos at this address:
      amodularlife (at)

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