Renoblog: Defelio’s Mid-Century Modern Home in JadeSpring

Time for another renoblog feature!

I spotted enough clicks on the earlier feature on Liebingsg’s place to keep this going.  Continuing on the retro theme, I decided to feature another retrolicious renoblog that I enjoyed reading.  Defelio’s mid-century modern home in JadeSpring is a good resource for learning about where to shop, and unusual types of paints you can use during your renovation, or just to enjoy the really cute decoration.

Yep, if you despise the ugly color combination/tile strips in your HDB kitchen/bathrooms, and feel constrained by the rules surrounding hacking… or have limited budget to overlay… you can actually PAINT tiles. Using special tile paints of course (which you can find in Homefix/Selfix type of stores).  Tho I think perhaps not on a wider scale.  What I do notice about the new HDB is they tend to have one colored tile strip in the middle.  (Ugly, IMO).  Other special paints you can consider are blackboard and magnetic paint for walls should you want a blackboard to scribble on.

Anyway some pics to whet your appetite…

More pics after the jump…

That’s a really cute TV right?  You can read more about Defelio’s mid-century modern home renovation HERE.

Your thoughts? Let me know!

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