Inspirations: Functional ‘shoebox’ apartments

I am clearly not suitable to stay in a shoebox-sized, or commonly known as “Mickey Mouse” sized apartment in Singapore (I think I may go crazy living in a little box) but I was fairly intrigued to find out how people can manage to stay in a tiny room yet pack in everything they need (I think my bedroom & toilet combined is bigger than some of the apartments featured below!) like a bed, kitchen, toilet, and washing machine…

It is possible of course, think camper vans and boat cabins with loads of multi-tasking and transformable parts.

I kinda like the movable partitions idea from the Hong Kong apartment best out of the three apartments featured, though the tinted windows makes me dizzy.  The hi-tech apartment is cool, but I worry what would happen when there is a blackout… a little too much heavy lifting in the third ‘LEGO-style’ apartment.

See videos of the apartments after the break.  The transformations are quite amazing actually.

I do think we can all learn how best to maximize space and storage opportunities from these folks.  Some very creative ideas! Perhaps some movable partitions and multi-tasking rooms for my next place?

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Your thoughts? Let me know!

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