Inspirations: Maisonettes featured in Home & Decor magazine

Long before we got our maisonette, I have been a faithful reader of Singapore’s Home & Decor magazine.  I guess I had been long waiting to have my own beautiful home… I think many people have the misconception that HDB apartments are ugly and utilitarian based on their outside appearance.  Peek into them tho, and I am sure you’ll find gorgeous gems.

In fact, one of my key home makeover inspirations came from a maisonette featured in Home & Decor magazine: Loft of Love

The owner of this maisonette was a blogger too: Loft of Love on Blogspot & on Renotalk

The living room is bright and light filled just the way I want it to be. Nice toilets, inspirational kitchen (if seemingly not allowed by HDB rules cos it extends to the study…).   I find the stairs a little dark tho.

If you are a new owner looking for inspiration, here are the other maisonettes I found on the H&D website that you can browse through (Click on the thumbnails below for larger pics and the titles link to H&D webpage for more pics & details):


Neutral Ground


Hide & Sleek


Eclectic Appeal


Ode to Origami


Concrete Jungle


Light and Bright


There were many other HDB (executive) maisonettes featured in the mag of course, but unfortunately H&D doesn’t put all of them up on its website.  Btw, the sidebar has a RSS link to the H&D Facebook page. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Inspirations: Maisonettes featured in Home & Decor magazine

  1. Hi,
    We are also having similar thoughts. Problem happens due to such high cash required for such units.
    Could you give us a advice on how much it costs to do a renovation like yours – like in your post.
    What are the cost range for Decent and full scale renovation.
    Your quick response would be great… Thank you.

    • I don’t share my reno costs, but based on recent RT quotes a full reno by a contractor should be about $65k without interesting design, with expected overruns estimated at around 10% of costs… Ie realistically $70k up. Add your other sunken costs… Can range from $10k for simple to over $20k with branded fixtures and electricals. If you can reuse flooring that’s about $10k savings? $5k or more on stairs, $4k on windows… So the original condition matters a lot. If you want designer look, be prepared for $100k upwards.

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