Impressions on visiting the IFFS/Deco Asia 2012

UPDATE: You can read and see pics of IFFS 2012 from Indesignlive.Asia

Yes!  I got to go!

Thanks to nice Jonas who contacted me about his spare pass (yay again), I was able to go down to the the IFFS/Deco Asia 2012 before the trade show ended at 5 pm.  Thank goodness I did too, cos by 4 pm, most of the booths were packing up and/or were handing over the displayed wares to buyers.  Impressions?  Hmm… not as interesting as I hoped it will be.  I wasn’t expecting the Milan Furniture Fair (Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano), but I was hoping that it would be more… artistic (?) I guess.

More than half of the displays consists of booths with fairly run of the mill stuff.  The more interesting section was in half of Hall 3, in the area called D’Space where there were some displays of prize winners, emerging designers, prototypes, etc.

By the time I came out, there were a crowd of locals waiting to go in and grab some good buys from displayed wares.  To be honest, from what I can see, the best were already taken by industry insiders.  Was it worth the trip and half a day’s leave tho?  Definitely IMO.  At least now I’ll no longer wonder what’s the IFFS like. I didn’t get anything btw.  None of the stuff I eyed (mostly in the D’Space area) were for sale sadly.

Visitors weren’t supposed to take pics and I didn’t manage any half decent shots, so unfortunately no images from the IFFS itself.  I’ll leave you to read more about 30 Chairs LifeStories here and here that re-looks the familiar kopitiam chair.


Your thoughts? Let me know!

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