Prettier IKEA furniture

I’ve spotted Prettypegs on quite a few international blogs that I follow.  As Prettypegs has described “Replace your IKEA-legs with a set of customized Prettypegs and add some colour and playful elegance to the room.  Super easy to swap after season, socks or cocktail guests. Designed and produced in Sweden“.

The pic is way more descriptive than words anyway:

Yep, if you ever wanted more interesting sofa or bed ‘legs’ than the functional (and relatively boring) ones that IKEA offers, here’s your chance.  Problem for Singaporean homeowners tho… the Prettypegs legs PLUS international shipping (33 EURO to Singapore!) will cost a pretty penny.  But the legs do give a whole different vibe to the standard IKEA sofas.  I think SIRI in pink is a sure conversation starter, and I like the wood and orange combi too.  Perhaps you can combine shipping with a few other new homeowners to save on shipping costs?

Your thoughts? Let me know!

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