How much would you pay for a HDB?

I found a recent ad for one of those Bishan ‘sky terrace’ executive maisonettes (EM) asking for $1.08 million.  No mention of COV/condition but I am wondering how many people would pay over $1 million for a HDB?  I think it would be a record setting price once it’s sold, if any buyer is willing to pay that much for a unit… (link to ad here)

If you don’t know, the Bishan ’sky terrace’ EMs are located on the 2nd highest floor in each of these point blocks scattered around Bishan town, and there are supposedly only 52 units around:

The layout is slightly different from the typical EM layout as the MBR is on the ground floor, with the remaining 2 bedrooms and toilet upstairs.  I only found the lower floor plan:

From the Bishan EMs I’ve seen for sale, typically the balcony gets leveled up to become part of the living/dining area.  At 1754 sqft / 163 sqm, these units are nearly 200 sqft bigger than typical EMs and the extra space appear to go to the utility (makes a good maid’s room IMO) and of course the large ‘sky’ terrace which cannot be roofed up according to HDB’s rules.  The upstairs config of 2 bedrooms and a toilet would look something like this EM’s:
This floor plan should be an EM from the upper floors of one of these blocks judging from the slanted walls:

Your thoughts? Let me know!

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