Inspirations: The Brookvale Park apartment

I was charmed by the renovation of Tristan Tan & Juliana Chan’s Brookvale Park apartment, with it’s high ceiling, floor to ceiling bookshelf, careful use of neutral colors and natural materials that gives the apartment a ‘non-Singaporean’ vibe.  I wouldn’t have guessed that this apartment is in Singapore just based on the pics!   It was also interesting to see how the space was completely reconfigured to suit the couple’s lifestyle.  Love the gorgeously minimalist fixtures and I would love to have a soak in their bathtub with a view. No surprises then when you find out that Tristan and Juliana are working as an interior designer and architect respectively huh?

From the few exterior shots I found, this is one of those old condos that have lush landscaping, empty spaces and offers ample privacy.  Versus staying in one of those modern fully-glassed condominiums where you are barely a bamboo pole apart from your next door neighbor, I much prefer getting a unit in a old condo.  Not to mention that I hate the teeny tiny rooms that new condos have.  At 150 sqm / 1614 sqm, this is considered a generous amount of living space in Singapore and increasingly a rarity in the era of ‘mickey mouse’ condo launches.  But as with all old condos in Singapore, you never know when it’ll go for “en-bloc”.

I’ll leave you to read more about the design from the articles on Arch Daily and Habitus Living.

Btw, Brookvale Park is located at Brookvale Drive near Sunset Way in Singapore. The 999-year development was completed in 1983 and has 160 apartment units in total.

Click on the thumbnails below for larger pics.

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