Are you a design perfectionist?

Read this fascinating article from NY Times about an group of people “that outfits its habitat not according to style or fashion, but to a set of fastidious inner rules that are usually minimalist in nature, but not always… Some are so fastidious they have no furniture at all, being allergic to the “visual clutter of objects” in particular… — and to design in general“.

The article by Penelope Green featured people who collects books with “titles with black, gray or white bindings, and stacked, jacketless, in neat horizontal rows” and other who stay in houses without sofas for years/decades, including Steve Jobs. Perhaps the article struck such a chord in me cos I am looking at sofas again, although my current one is not even a year old. Unlike the ‘design perfectionists’, my sofa is an absolutely important piece of furniture at home…

I’ll leave you to look at some pics below, and with the link to the NY Times article: No Room for Mistakes – Design Perfectionists at Home

Oh, and if you know where I can find a nice full leather sofa with head rest support and seat depth of 110 cm, do drop me a note.


Your thoughts? Let me know!

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