Inspirations: The Cambridge Road Inter-Terrace

The earlier ‘Inspirations‘ posts were very well received (judging by the number of ‘clicks’), so I am going to continue the ‘Inspirations‘ series with the Cambridge Road inter-terrace house of Aun Koh and Tan Su-Lyn. You may know Aun better as the ‘Chubby Hubby‘ behind the well-known food blog?

Aun’s and Su-Lyn’s house is clad in red bricks, a departure from the usual facade adopted by Singapore houses and is inspired by the New York city townhouse style. They also have a drive-in garage in the 1st floor, with their living, kitchen and dining rooms elevated to the 2nd floor, another unusual move in Singapore.  And do check out their astonishing collection of cook books displayed in the eye-catching bookshelf in the living room.

You can read more about the renovation and design philosophy in Habitus’ magazine issue 7 HERE (cover paged!).  The mag also includes references to the designer pieces in the house.  For cooks and kitchen lovers, Aun also shared more about his kitchen design in his Chubby Hubby blog HERE and HERE.  Even if you have not read his food blog before, from the way he waxes lyrical about his kitchen gear (HERE), you know it’s not just a show kitchen. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to blog about his renovation cos I would love to hear more about his inspirations and experiences. You can read more from Design Sponge’s feature tho, and they were also featured in Time Out Singapore’s open house.

As usual, I’ll leave you to enjoy the pics below. Click on thumbnails for bigger pics:

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Your thoughts? Let me know!

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