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It’s always good to shop around – browse topical forums, post a question on Facebook, ask everyone else who’s recently done up their place for good contacts. But it all comes up to a point where choices, instead of helping you get the best deal out there, gets you confused. Truth is, unless someone thinks his/her interior designer sucked or seriously ripped him/her off, chances are, he/she is going to recommend him/her. If the interior designer is costly, it would most probably be justified with creativity and quality. If the interior designer is cheap, he probably will belch when you ask him to mount a mirror on.

Frankly speaking, what you pay IS (usually) what you will get.

Getting a baseline

That being said, there are instances whereby certain companies are unethical enough to rip you off badly (most of them advertise, you get the drift). Those with strong branding…

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  1. Hi.. First and foremost. Amazing tips and pictures you have posted. Both my Wife and me love your site and renovation. We too are buying a similar flat and a design like yours really appeal to us. I was wondering if you can recommend the ID agency you used for your place as they seems to have done a great job

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