Inspirations: Some renovations from the H&D site

Thought I’ll take the chance to ‘bookmark’ a few renovations that caught my eye on the Home & Decor website.  Unfortunately H&D doesn’t include all the homes that they’ve ever featured or have a feature like Houzz’s idea book. But the team seems to be updating the site with previously featured apartments. If response is good, I’ll post another feature when I gather another lot of renovations that I like.

For now, something for everyone I think… it’s a mixed bag of four-room, five room HDBs, private apartments /condominiums and loft units.

Titles link to the H&D site for more pics.

Creative Nest – Shelf in front of the corridor window for added privacy? Good example of dark flooring (contrasted with white walls) and black kitchen cabinets.


Walk the Line – I’ve never quite forgotten the customized ‘baby grand piano’ dining table.


No Limits – I like the slide out table extension. Another black kitchen and the mosaic bathroom tiles look interesting too.  Oh, and nice fish tank too.


Family Time – It’s a bright & airy loft, what’s not to like about it?


Urban Chic  – Another lovely loft. The use of colors, bookshelf and octopus light totally reminds me of the Cambridge Road inter-terrace that I featured recently. In fact, I’m wondering if the inter-terrace house is the ‘inspiration for this loft?


Hobby House – This gives hope to people with Terrazo floors that are such a waste to hack away but potentially so hazardous design-wise.


Space Invaders – I’ve always liked the idea of a swiveling/multi-functional TV. The LEGO on display doesn’t hurt too. 🙂


Bare It All – I like the practical looking kitchen, and lotsa hidden storage too! Good contrast between the cement screed flooring and raw plywood cabinets. Black kitchen too, with stainless steel backsplash completes the industrial kitchen look.

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Your thoughts? Let me know!

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