I love kitchen gadgets

I love shopping for kitchen gadgets. Thankfully I’ve a (wonderful) hubby who loves to cook (methinks he can start a home cooking blog if he’s ever inclined to do so), so that gives me the excuse to shop for kitchen gadgets fairly regularly (it’s all for him of course, ahem).

Here are some new kitchen gadgets we have recently added to our stash (some others here, if you are curious).

  • Standing Rice Scoop

So happy when I saw this. I can’t be the only one who hates placing the scoop on top of the rice cooker right?  So a rice scoop that can stand is fab. Hey, don’t laugh it won the Design Plus Award AND Good Design Award so I can’t be the only one who is thrilled by a standing rice scoop…

From the Marna website: “It features the embossed surface to prevent sticking, the ultra-thin edge to avoid smashing rice when mixing and an easy grip handle. Its standing design gives convenient access and prevents contamination.

Got it from Tangs Orchard at S$12. Variety of colors (red, black, yellow, brown, pink, orange, green and white) available, but I got the classic white of course.

  • Leifheit Proline Tongs 

We have been looking for a decent/solid kitchen tong that won’t scratch non-stick pans for a while.  This Leifheit Proline Kitchen and Barbecue Grill Tongs is made of stainless steel with silicone head and measures 31 cm.  With ‘ear’ for hanging and adjustment for locking.  Currently at 20% off at Tangs Orchard, usual at S$35.

  • Garject 

Dreamfarm’s Garject is supposed to easily and completely press multiple garlic cloves at once, without the need to peel them first.  The Garject is designed to automatically scrape off any excess garlic and clean itself as you open the handle.  There is even a “peel eject” button to shoot the peel into the bin.  Currently at 30% off from Takashimaya (launch price I think, usual is $42.90).

  • Chopula

Another product from Dreamfarm, Chopula’s unique head shape is supposed to let you chop food in a hot pan while keeping your hand up and away from the heat. Doesn’t dirty the kitchen top when you rest it too.  I have to admit I was swayed by Chopula winning the 2011 Red Dot best of the best design award.  Currently at 30% off from Takashimaya (launch price I think, usual at S$19.90).


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