Francfranc at J Cube Singapore

The Francfranc store at J Cube Singapore opened on 1 May, and a 2nd (and much bigger store) will open at Vivocity on 1 June.  All good news for people who need to decorate their homes. If you haven’t had the chance to visit the store (I’ll recommend weekdays, weekends are horribly crowded), enjoy the sneak peek from the pics below. I was happily snapping pics till a staff told me the dreaded ‘no photos allowed’… what? They don’t want free publicity? 😦

Oh, and there is free wrapping service if you use their standard plastic baggies with tie wrap (like the one from Royce’ chocolate).

Realised that their furniture is really erm… Asian sized? I find most of the furniture way too small to be comfortable, but I think they’ll work well in shoebox apartments or for kids. I like their accessories and decorations tho. Anyway, bought yet another new kitchen gadget from the store and found out that the Standing Rice Scoop that I like is so much cheaper at Francfranc ($8 vs $12 at Tangs). Sigh.  Francfranc only stocks the black and white versions by the way.


Your thoughts? Let me know!

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