Goods of Desire coming to Singapore

Hong Kong lifestyle brand Goods of Desire (aka G.O.D) is coming to Singapore this June. Does anyone know where the 6,000 sqft store will be located?  For now, the store location is a mystery but you can get updates via the Singapore G.O.D Facebook.

Pics of some items that caught my eye from the HK e-store below.

From Singapore G.O.D Facebook description:

Goods of Desire (住好的) is quintessentially Hong Kong. And in the local dialect of Cantonese, our name also means “to live better”. 

Founded in 1996 in Hong Kong, Goods of Desire has since evolved from a small retail space in Ap Lei Chau (鴨脷洲) to become an established, multifaceted Hong Kong brand. Our designs are inspired by the vibrant culture of this energetic city, where East meets West and age-old traditions thrive alongside modern technologies. Through humor and ingenuity, we transform everyday items into truly extraordinary creations.

In addition to the nine Goods of Desire outlets presently located throughout Hong Kong, the brand will soon be marking its first international expansion with a flagship store in Singapore. Our award-winning and highly acclaimed products can also be found in many of the world’s finest establishments.

As mentioned in their self-description, G.O.D is “quintessentially Hong Kong“.  Which makes me wonder how that will translate into sales in Singapore? I mean, I can imagine being a tourist and being thrilled by G.O.D products in Hong Kong for good quality and quirky souvenirs, but will I really go and get stuff from G.O.D for my home when I am in Singapore?  Wonder what other brands the store will stock?

And it does make me yearn for a “quintessentially Singapore” equivalent…

Your thoughts? Let me know!

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