Furniture hunting in non-central Singapore

I usually enjoy reading the Saturday ‘Home & Garden’ articles in The Straits Times Life! section.

Thought that last Saturday’s article is useful for furniture hunters, tho most of the stores have already been mentioned in my earlier post ‘20 places to buy mid-modern/vintage/retro furnitures‘.

By the way, if it seems like I’ve been featuring more sales and furniture hunting info than usual, it’s cos sales period is really the best time to shop. After all, why pay full price for an inferior piece of furniture, if you can buy a better one at the same price during sales?  If you miss this round of sales, you’ll have to wait till year-end before the next round of clearances starts, so go and make your rounds and start shopping already. The best deals would be snapped up within the 1st day/week. Some retailers keep stock/items for subsequent weeks tho, so ask the store or check The Straits Times (usually in the Life! section) on Fridays and Saturdays.

Edit: So that I don’t violate SPH’s copyright and get slapped with charges, here’s the link to the article instead of posting the extracts.

Your thoughts? Let me know!

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