Random musings: A mannequin in your room?

Yesterday when I entered the Massimo Dutti Liat Towers store for some retail therapy, I was distracted by the above display of used mannequins for sale.

Hmm… was very sorely tempted but then I don’t actually need a mannequin in my room. Thought that some of you readers might be interested tho (think it makes for an interesting display piece in any walk-in wardrobe!) and it’ll help to create a ‘store’ feel.  The 3 standing ones can be used as a ‘display’ or caddy, while the female bust can be used to display accessories (necklaces, rings, etc).  Plus it’s really affordable!

So, anyone getting one?

3 thoughts on “Random musings: A mannequin in your room?

  1. I would not take them even if they were given to me for FREE.. just too scary to have headless bodies or body parts hanging around at home

    • @Kylie: Haha… didn’t think of it that way. I think is fine in the WIW tho.
      Get a clothes valet then? Got used to having one from staying in hotels. Really useful for prepping outfits.

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