Inspirations: Industrial themed apartments

It makes sense that the industrial theme is so popular amongst Singaporeans – just have a look at this HDB renovation ‘guideline’: “Embedding of wiring (house in metal/high impact PVC conduit) in RC slab, beam, column, wall and in wall plaster or other finishes is not allowed“.

Since around 85% of Singaporeans stay in HDB flats, it’s almost a case of “make the best of it and glorify the wires“… let’s not forget the exposed pipes and beams cutting across low ceilings that are so common in older HDB flats.  To complete the industrial look, add unfinished surfaces like concrete, exposed brick, and stainless steel (especially for kitchen backsplash), raw wood furnishings and vintage utilitarian items like work lamps and steel cabinets and chairs and viola, the industrial chic look.

I do think this look is particularly easy to achieve in HDB flats… Anyway, not an option for me as I will probably go crazy when cracks starts appearing in the concrete, and hubby seems to hate exposed trunkings.

Do read this to understand how to ensure a smooth finish for your concrete floor or wall feature – LINK HERE.

Concrete Jungle


Light and Bright


Hobby House


Bare It All 


Other Kitchen References
Here are more inspirations compiled by this great site:
You may also like to visit this list of Places to buy industrial themed furniture to check out where to shop.

Your thoughts? Let me know!

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