Work area with a view

Ok, it’s a little embarrassing, but it’s taken me almost a year to discover that working in the balcony keeps me a in fairly good mood. It can be a rather depressing to work from home over the weekend, but this time I didn’t feel so bad.  Think is the combination of great weather over the weekend and nice environment.  There is this nice southern breeze for one, plus I could look up at the sky/clouds when I needed a break. Hmm, I probably should have taken the pic from my working POV now that I re-assess the pic.

A note out to my regular readers – I am busy at work so do expect less frequent postings for the next few weeks.  Don’t worry, I’ll still devote some time to writing and I still have some ‘backup’ articles in draft so there should be something new at least once a week.

Wondering if anyone is keen to be a contributing writer? I’m keen on articles related to renovation… it can be on your furniture/furnishings shopping experience/tips (local or overseas), inspirational renovations or furnishings, or useful articles for new homeowners such as comparisons/reviews on flooring, kitchen surfaces, paint types, lightings, etc. Since this is purely a hobby, I am looking for ‘volunteers’. People looking to be paid need not apply… You will be credited for the article of course.  If you are still keen, do drop me a note at amodularlife (at) and we can discuss further. 🙂


One thought on “Work area with a view

  1. May i know which part of singapore you are staying? because i love the floor plan of your executive maisonette. Thank you very much.

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