Uniquely Singapore gifts

Happy 47th Birthday Singapore!  To all readers from Singapore: enjoy the holiday!

Waffled over the topic for a while, but eventually decided to write about some uniquely Singapore souvenirs that I like.  If you are a tourist, why get a crappy made in China plasticky Merlion [*] (*: insert type of product e.g. mug, thermometer, paperweight, etc) that will be discarded at the next spring cleaning session?

Merlion Shopper by Hans Tan Studio gives me an incredible feel of nostalgia for the 80’s… when Merlion printed plastic bags are pretty ubiquitous in neighbourhood mini-marts.  Since I shop mostly at chain marts, I hardly see this plastic bag design any more.

Playground pins from Little Drom Store are so adorable. If you find the dragon playground inspired design a bit ‘fierce’, then this dove one could be perfect.  For nostalgic Singaporeans, do pop by this great website or nifty ebook about the playgrounds.

Or some wearable trinket with a travel story from Risis?  Say a Love Saga necklace or a Durian Fruits charm?  Women can always do with more jewellery right?

Think you’ll miss Singapore food?  Buy some Prima Taste instant mixes home!  If I can whip up edible food based on the preparation instructions, it should be a piece of cake for most people.  Available at most supermarkets.

Don’t forget my authentic kopitiam cup and saucer set (from Sia Huat). You just need to buy a sock and some coffee powder from Ya Kun to bring the (almost) complete kopitiam experience home…

Do check out the Singapore Art Museum store or Farm.sg online store for more unique souvenirs to keep.  For the month of August, Farm.sg is offering 20% off!

Your thoughts? Let me know!

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