Crate & Barrel coming to Singapore

Hands up if you have ever placed an item (or more) in your online Crate & Barrel cart, only to stop short of payment cos of a niggling suspicion that shipping will cost a bomb… errrr… anyone?  (I can’t be the only one right? Right?? o_O)  Nevermind…

Anyway, good news here cos American lifestyle and furniture store Crate & Barrel is coming to Singapore in December.  I believe this is the brand’s 1st store in Asia, and it will be a duplex concept at Levels 3 and 4 of the ION Orchard mall.

I have included some random pics of C&B items that caught my eye in the online store.  Fingers crossed that they’ll bring the Marimekko range over too. I’ve been eyeing their bedlinen forever (but I need to perform a ‘touch’ test before I am willing to buy).  In case you can’t wait that long for the C&B store to open, don’t forget that the C&B online store ships to Singapore!

2 thoughts on “Crate & Barrel coming to Singapore

  1. We’re officially boycotting Crate & Barrel (Singapore) –

    They sold us a lamp which had been discontinued, let somebody else have the display piece and made us go all the way to the store for a refund. We had already paid for the item in full by credit card and they told us that the item had been discontinued DAYS after payment had been made.

    Worse, they tried to foist store credits on us in lieu of cash.

    Then I received a number of calls within days to confirm the date and time for the delivery of a bench.

    Today (the confirmed date of delivery), they called me AFTER the fixed time to ask (as though they had never fixed anything with me) if they could deliver it tomorrow. I told them we had already scheduled delivery time and date. They had to check and get back to me, saying that there was a scheduling mistake and there was no way they could get that bench to me today; the earliest would be tomorrow.

    I gave it to them good and proper and told them I wanted it today. The staff passed me on to their manager as a customer with “issues”. The manager in question called and in a patronising manner told me that he understood my situation and frustration but really, there was nothing they could do. He said that the delivery company had no way of delivering the item to me today and it just had to be tomorrow – basically forcing the delivery date down my throat.

    If there were any sincerity (or QUALITY) in their service, they’d have sent one of their staff to the warehouse, picked up the bench (it’s not that big) and sent it to me today… in a taxi, if necessary.

    I’ve had it with this store. My money can be better spent elsewhere.

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