Wish List: Lumisty® Window Film

I recall seeing this film in action at the former Dome cafe in Suntec City Fountain Terrace, and was so arrested by its properties that I turned around for a second look.  Even until today, I think I would install it in an instance if (1) I know who can install it in Singapore and (2) that it is affordable (that I am not sure…).

Basically, with the application of Lumisty®, the appearance of the window/glass panel will change from transparent to translucent depending on your angle of view.  This film by Sumitomo Chemical is also supposed to reduce ultraviolet (UV) rays and prevent scattering of broken glass.

Depending on how you choose to apply it (vertically or horizontally), you could choose which angle you would like the visibility to be applied to. So if taken to the extreme and say if you stay in a penthouse with unobstructed views (or at least with neighbouring blocks that are lower than yours), you could in theory apply the film so that anyone looking upwards only sees a translucent view, and you could walk around in your birthday suit all day if you wished to without being arrested for indecent exposure.

Given the proliferation of HDB flats with corridor units, or even just based the increasingly shorter distance between blocks of HDB and condos, I think there is a huge potential for this film to be a popular fixture in Singapore renovations. Hmm… actually I think it’ll be fantastic in some of those modern glass houses I see in Singapore too. Unless the inhabitants of those glass houses really have an exhibitionist streak of cos…

Any idea if it’s available in Singapore?

2 thoughts on “Wish List: Lumisty® Window Film

  1. Hi!

    This window film was used in the higher units of The Ritz- Carlton Residences ( at Cairnhill ) as they can overlook into Istana. Now sure of the pricing but probably isn’t cheap as the specifications for that development is super high end.

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