And one year later…

We are still happily living in our place.

Life has changed since we moved in, most noticeably in terms of going out. We have become very ‘homebodies’ – so less Orchard Road malls and more staying at home to bum around since home is comfy, spacious and mostly cooling even without aircon.

Thought to share a recent photo taken at home that really tickled me. That’s zombie on hubby taken during a lazy weekend if you are wondering. 🙂

House is a mess and I am too drained from work to tidy up… so no new pics till I get rid of our extra sofa!

P.S. Oh ya, and 386,866 page views on this blog so far.  A shout out to readers who have subscribed to the blog and accompanied me online: Thanks!  If you haven’t, you can enter your email address into the subscription box on the right hand side.  Don’t worry, I don’t spam and you can unsubscribe at any time.


4 thoughts on “And one year later…

  1. Hi, can i check with you, which contractor did you engage for the entire house renovation?

    Reason being i ask is because i just bought an executive maisonette and i looking around for experience contractor who can help me design.

    Thank you.

  2. Hi,
    Besides your ID, did you work with any contractors directly? We also have a maisonette and are thinking of doing some renovations. We are still not sure whether we want to engage an ID or just work with a contractor. Would greatly appreciate if you can recommend the contractor/carpenter etc. you worked with for your renovation. Thank you!

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