Record breaking HDB units in Bishan and Queenstown

Am I prescient or what? So the next major record breaking HDB sold should be in Queenstown if the news reports are true ($1 million!). And there is the transacted $980k ‘sky terrace’ unit in Bishan.

As reported in Channel News Asia: READ HERE
And in AsiaOne: READ HERE

Really makes me wonder how much my place is worth now…

On a related note, I am not sure the renovation for this EM could be $200k, nor that the furnishings are worth $100k. Hey, anyone who has been through a reno process would probably be doubtful too. IMO it lacks the effortlessly expensive look that truly expensively furnished homes have.  But if both the buyer and the seller are happy, whatever right?  READ HERE

Our EM Renovation Experience

I like EMs cos of the space, plus the fact that such units comes with three toilets.  While Executive Apartments are just as spacious, they only have two toilets.  Jumbos and Multi-Generation apartments that may have more than two toilets are hard to come by, not to mention factoring location and transport needs.
My personal views aside, I do have some news articles I’ve found that gives some (unbiased?) insights.

Stairway to (housing) heaven explains that:

  • HDB stopped constructing new executive flats after the introduction of the Executive Condominium Housing Scheme in 1995, maisonettes are now in limited supply. (But limited supply is not a factor I considered!  In fact age of the apartment was quite a big turn-off, especially for the older EMs that can be around 30-ish years old.) Update on 16 Oct 2012: Govt will not build any more executive maisonettes: Khaw
  • Maisonettes can be found in various mature estates such as Ang Mo Kio, Bukit Panjang, Clementi, Hougang, Queenstown…

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