Review of Saturday in Design Singapore 2012

First thing… I love the idea of having free shuttle buses to ferry participants between venues. BUT (big ‘but’), the current system really really sucks.  Three things:

  1. The bus stops were not clearly described in the SiD Handbook, or with clear signage to let people know where the stops are.  Needless to say, at some locations participants couldn’t find the bus stops or were aimlessly milling around waiting for a bus to come along.
  2. There didn’t seem to be many buses in use.  Wait times were terrible along some routes.  There is no standard ‘interval’, not to mention having fixed bus timetables so that SiD participants can estimate how long to spend at each venue instead of fruitlessly waiting for a bus to come along…
  3. In some locations, the buses caused mini traffic jams to build up when they stopped on single lane roads.  Very inconsiderate IMO.

So we tried to do the ‘green’ thing and used the buses initially, but gave up after wasting time waiting for the buses under sweltering heat… we actually spotted many frustrated participants who gave up waiting and took taxis instead.

Ok, now that I got the transport thing off my chest, I can talk about the event proper (yes, I was THAT irritated about the bus service).

Angst over transportation aside, I thought it’s a great event.  It’s mostly fun to walk around the showrooms, see the installations and learn about new products.

To be honest, I love the goodie bags too. Based on the goodie bags I got or saw (some goodie bags were limited, and ran out by the time I reached the locations), here’s my irrelevant award for best goodie bag and door gift:

  • Best Goodie Bag Design goes to… the bag from Thinking Ergonomix.  The bag seems well designed and would be re-used by those who got them (I didn’t, so no pics of the bag).
  • Best Door Gift goes to… draw between the Vitra cup from BW Furniture and the handmade candy from Grohe:

  • Best Packaging for Door Gift goes to… Hansgrohe’s drinking game:

Some random pics from some of the showrooms:

At Xtra/Contrac-Image/Interface:

At Grafunkt:

At Besglas:

At Grohe:

(Grohe has a wall hung flush system. Yeah, was news to me too)

At Dream Interiors

At BW Furniture:


(That’s handsome chef Han at work creating yummy food)

Oki, and my favourite new discovery of SiD 2012…

Grohe Blue® filters the water, cools it to the perfect drinking temperature of between 4°C and 10°C and serves you still, lightly sparkling or sparkling water directly from the tap.  Hear from the Grohe Singapore folks at the showroom that they are waiting for approval to bring the tap in.  Pricing should be slightly less than an alkaline water system.  I like the idea of having filtered AND carbonated water available any time I want.

Your thoughts? Let me know!

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