Update on Architours 2012

Quick update: Only Rethink Living #1 is available as the other two tours are fully subscribed. Rethink Living #1 brings participants to: 11 Makepeace Road, 2 Wimborne Road, Tanjong Rhu Apartment.

Our EM Renovation Experience

Unlike Saturday Indesign Singapore, the Architours that are part of the month-long Archifest is not free.  Each participant has to pay $45.  But I am curious to look at some of the featured homes and have taken the bait.   Thought to share details of the 3 ‘home’ related tours below in case some of you may be interested.  Apart from the ‘Rethink Living’ series, there are also other series revolving around offices, hotels, landscaping, religious buildings and other themes.  If you are interested to sign up for the tours, click on the titles below to do so (payment via PayPal).  FYI, some of the 2011 tourssold out pretty fast so don’t think for too long!

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