Stupid fridge design and lousy parts

So far most of the stuff we bought are working well. But a few regrets and one of them is the fridge.

This is the fridge that we got:

Hitachi R-Z582EMS/ R-Z582EMSX

Features: S/S or silver, anti-mould door seals, net capacity = 475 (Freezer = 134, Refrigerator = 341), dimensions = W740 x H1,795 x D710

A few days ago the fridge started making the most awful noises, so hubby called the Hitachi servicing people to come and have a look. Imagine our surprise when the cause of the noise was found to be these two little cylindrical bits of rubber:

Umm, ya, seriously… Apparently the rubber bits dried out, started disintegrating and wasn’t able to support the vibration or whatever weird function they are supposed to do.

The ‘best’ part?  Total cost of replacing these two small rubber parts is a staggering S$70++.  That’s service charge of $50, plus $4 or 5 for each rubber piece plus GST. WTF??? Obviously it’s a bad design issue right?  Why should we have to pay for this? Some more the fridge is only in use for a year-plus.  Does that mean that we have to pay for the stupid rubber bits every year?  WTF right?  Think about it also feel angry.

So yeah, never another Hitachi. Lemon law or not, if you are in the market for a fridge, be warned.  So much for thinking that Japanese engineering is reliable. Obviously not designed to last. Ok, still upset when I think about it obviously. =P

4 thoughts on “Stupid fridge design and lousy parts

  1. hi recently my hitachi fridge ( same design as yours but model is R-Z481EMS ) experience the same problem as yours, some vibrating sound coming from the back of the fridge. Can i know if the 2 pieces of rubber is visible to the eye when looking behind? Is it easily replaceable? Cos if possible we can change it ourselves

  2. Hi, where is the 2 pieces of rubbers located? I am interested. Presently I have zero in on this model and after reading your comments, I am having second thoughts. Maybe go for a Mitsubishi fridge with 5 yrs parts & Services and 5 yrs compressor warranty. Hitachi only offers 1 yr parts & service and 5 yrs compressor.

  3. Oh man. I should have read your blog earlier. My hitachi sucks too. Damn noisy. Compressor kick in all the time. Crazy. Very disappointing. It’s been over a year. I’m determined to take this up with Hitachi.

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