Inspirations: OpenSpace in the bathroom

Given the proliferation of small apartments, and their even smaller bathrooms, a “fold-away” shower makes perfect sense.
The Vienna-based EOOS design group applied its expertise to showers on behalf of Duravit and designed “OpenSpace” – a shower partition which can be folded away after use, transforming it into a discreet wall panel which tidily conceals tap fittings, shower attachments, shower gels and shampoos. In addition to creating a more spacious feel, this shower partition enables design conscious owners to hide the usual bathroom mess from curious visitors.

I’m not sure if it’s available in Singapore nor how much it costs… but after seeing the overseas price tag… well. I think it is for the ultra (rich) minimalist again.

More about OpenSpace:

A frame in brilliant chrome provides the contours for the “OpenSpace” shower partition on the wall. Two large glass doors are fitted in the frame. These are simply swung open for showering and subsequently closed again to resume their wall panel function after enjoying a shower.  Users have the option of mirror glass finish instead of clear glass for the tap fittings side to further boost OpenSpace‘s visual effect.  Apart from making the bathroom appear substantially larger, the mirror glass can also be used as an actual full length mirror.

The door profiles are the defining technical feature that have incorporated a lifting and lowering mechanism. As a result, the doors stop automatically in the shower position of 90 degrees when moved and are lowered in this position. This guarantees optimum protection from splashing. They can be opened further to facilitate cleaning and are lowered again automatically on reaching 180 degrees. The integrated U-profile provides for added stability. It also allows for the compensation of wall unevenness of up to 18 mm. This is advantageous when uneven walls are involved, such as is commonly the case in older buildings.

OpenSpace is suitable for combination not only with a tiled floor, but also with the “DuraPlan” shower trays – for those who prefer to shower on a seamless floor. These shower trays in sanitary acrylic are installed flush with the floor. Apart from enabling a seamless transition to the tiled surface without a sill, these shower trays can also be aligned with the tiles in an aesthetically pleasing manner. All bathtubs and shower trays are additionally available with the “Antislip” coating, for enhanced safety.


Your thoughts? Let me know!

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