500,000 hits – and thank you

Thanks to you readers, my humble renovation blog has reached the milestone of 500,000 page views today.

I know this is a teeny figure for top blogs (that can get such numbers in like what, a week/days?), but this is a fairly significant number to me so hurray. =P

Anyway I noticed that recently a good number of readers click on my ‘About‘ page.  I guess it’s pure curiosity (since I check out profiles of the blogs that I read too).  So I’ve updated my ‘About‘ page since it has been a while since I updated the info.  Still nothing too personal since I’ll rather not reveal my identity (and it’s against my company policy I think, in case my views are misconstrued), but I’ve updated some stuff that I thought a new reader may want to know like what my place looks like (i.e. links to my pre- & post-renovation pics) and links to some of my more popular posts.  Also added a clarification that I don’t do advertised postings (played with the thought but decided not worth the effort or stress to maintain a paying blog – so IDs and furniture stores can stop spamming me(!)), and that I don’t entertain queries on my renovation quote/cost or items costs (since I don’t remember anyway).

If you like my random musings, do subscribe to get an email notification each time I have a new post (hurray for my subscribers)!  There is a widget on the right bar where you can enter your email address.

Ok, last hurray again. 🙂

Your thoughts? Let me know!

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