Shop for Christmas decorations at IKEA this weekend…

Ok, don’t say that I didn’t warn you… Popular items will run out and will probably not be replenished, just as it happens nearly every year.  Since I missed most of the ‘hot buys’ from IKEA last Christmas, I was pretty determined to hit the store early this year.  I’ll show you my ‘loots’ later (along with pics of the Alexandra store), but first some highlights…

The essentials for tree decoration. Assuming that you have a certain budget and do not want to pay like $9.90 for 4 baubles, or even $9.90 for ONE bauble as is possible at some of the Christmas fairs in Orchard Road malls, the decoration sets would be the best way (and most brainless way, which I like since I take forever to decide) to buy christmas decorations:

(PS: IKEA is selling a smallish plastic tree for S$99)

(PPS: IKEA is selling a cute miniature plastic tree (about 50 cm) in the plants section (and not the Christmas section) for… I can’t remember how much but it’s really cute, like this on the right)

(TIP: Christmas trees need a lot of decorations, so don’t just buy one set and think that the tree will look nice and ‘full’)

Don’t forget to get ‘fillers’ for the tree like garlands, beads or ribbons…

And next we have frills like wreaths, candles (I really like the fake LED candles!), vases, paper napkins, table runners for the rest of the house…


Of course, for presents you’ll need wrapping paper, tapes, ribbons, gift tags…

Ok, and as promised, most of my loot… which is shockingly a lot (some others like wrapping paper that I forgot to include in the pic).  Since IKEA has a no nonsense return policy (which I love), if I really change my mind I just have to return the unassembled item in their original packaging within 100 days, together with the receipt for either an exchange or a full refund.


Don’t know why IKEA Singapore hasn’t updated their website, but if you would rather check out the selection online before you go, you can pop by:

Yep, and many items are shockingly more expensive in Singapore, like I’d highlighted in this earlier post.

Still thinking about my window display this year. Not going for decals unlike last year’s look (which I still really like, but repeats are so boring…).

Your thoughts? Let me know!

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