Why not decorate your windows for Christmas?

UPDATE: Click to see my my Christmas 2012 window display here.

I don’t think it’s the norm for most Singaporean families to decorate windows/doors for Christmas and I have a few theories why that is so…

1. It’s a cultural thing – just not the norm over here, unlike in other western countries where decorating homes for Christmas is a pretty major thing.  Many years ago when I spent Christmas in the USA, what struck me was how enthusiastically folks there decorate their homes. It’s actually quite nice to go for a drive around neighbourhoods to look at decorated homes. It’s usually not as wow as this one below, but you get the idea…

2. Most HDB corridor window units have either louvres (the old aluminium at the bottom and glass on top combi) or frosted sliding windows. It’s quite impossible to have any sort of decorations visible through either of them, so what’s the point in decorating right?

3. Fear of theft – erm, I suffer from that too. I mean, I’m not sure if my Christmas wreath is safe if I hang it on my main door.

Anyway, my take on decorating windows (and not the main door due to aforementioned fear of theft) for Christmas is that is that it makes me happy when I reach home and see the decorations (and hopefully my hubby feels the same way too…). I also like to think that I am spreading some festive cheer and that my neighbours appreciate the decorations (or they could be thinking that their neighbour is super weird, hmm).  Anyways, I’ll share pics of my decorated windows when they are done. Am still not sure if I’m happy with the current look. 🙂

Oh yeah, if you are new to my blog, I decorated my windows last year too:

Since I was looking at the internet for inspirations, I thought to share with you folks.  Who knows if it could inspire some of you to decorate your windows for Christmas too.

What do you think? Nice right? You could also take the idea indoors, like if you have those Din Tai Fung type of glassed up kitchen…

So will you decorate your windows for Christmas?  If you plan to, just a note of caution: the spray-on fake snow is a pain to clean. If you plan to use decals, make sure they are the removable/re-usuable type, like the ones I used last year.

Pic sources:

Your thoughts? Let me know!

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