Christmas commercials from MUJI and IKEA

I just saw IKEA’s 2012 Christmas commercial and I felt rather… disconcerted is the word I suppose.  But to understand what I mean, first watch this delightful 2011 Christmas commercial from MUJI (which I liked so much that I blogged about it last year)…

MUJI XMAS Market 2011


Ok, now that you have seen the Muji ad from 2011, now watch this IKEA Singapore ad from 2012

IKEA’s Magical Moments Come To Life


Now you understand why I felt ‘disconcerted‘ right? I think this ad only runs in Singapore (or at least I did a search and didn’t find it on other IKEA sites).  What do you think?


Update: Oh ya, here’s MUJI’s XMAS 2012 video. Not as delightful as the 2011 version, but at least it’s original.


2 thoughts on “Christmas commercials from MUJI and IKEA

  1. Thumbs down to IKEA SG for the blatant rip-off!
    But then again we see very few truly original ideas in advertising nowadays, and it is common for ads to be “inspired by” if not a downright copy of some other ad in one way or another. The Muji ad could well be an unoriginal piece as well.
    Not impressed with Muji’s 2012 commercial btw.

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